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Pastoral Care

The importance of pastoral care within the school environment is widely acknowledged as being an essential and invaluable part of every child's life. Our aim is to ensure that every child is happy and, therefore, able to enjoy every aspect of their school life.

Pastoral care encompasses everything we do – aspects of the school's work and teaching contribute to the care, welfare and personal development of every child. A happy child not only achieves academically, they are also able to make a positive contribution to activities which lie outside the classroom.

However, we recognise that for some of our children and indeed families, life is not straightforward and the systems we have in place, alongside very skilful and efficient communication, ensure that children of all ages are supported effectively with a host of different measures.

At The Croft, our staff are well-trained and supported to encourage relationships, respect and pupil responsibility. We believe this is achieved through a proactive, collaborative approach in which all members of the school community play a part. We are committed to continued support and guidance, as well as striving to implement new initiatives, which enhance every child's social and emotional intelligence further.

Pastoral Map of Support

Core Value Ambassadors

Peer Support is an integral part of our commitment to Pastoral Care throughout the School. All our Year 6 pupils are invited to be a Core Value Ambassador, whose job it is to offer support at playtimes or after lunch, in both Prep and Pre-Prep; a helping hand, a listening ear, a friendly chat, a point in the right direction, leader of a game or simply being a peacemaker in a brewing storm!

Our Core Value Ambassadors are readily identified by their maroon ties, which they wear with tremendous pride.

Alongside supporting Pre-Prep pupils at breaktime, our Year 6 pupils also act as ‘Reading Buddies’ where they support them with reading and gain new relationships that enable our younger pupils to aspire to meet the achievements of our Year 6 pupils.

Lent Term Core Value Ambassadors



Form Teacher Support and ‘Buddying’ for New Pupils

Upon joining The Croft, each child is assigned a Form Teacher who is the first port of call to support pupils. With small classes, our staff pride themselves on knowing each pupil and their family well so that they can spot any signs of a child being under stress or not themselves. Our Form Teachers have embedded and efficient lines of communication should they need to seek further support for a child in their class, alongside specific Safeguarding guidance. (For more information on Safeguarding, please see this section of the school website)

As a result of this trust, our pupils feel empowered to share any problem and seek support where needed from any member of staff in school.

Emotional and Physical Development Faculty 

Alongside the Pastoral Support System, and the Physical Education, Games and PSHE curriculum, there are a number of events that take place throughout the academic year which aim to highlight, promote and support children’s physical, emotional and social development, as well as their mental health and wellbeing. 

Our Emotional and Physical Development Day provides pupils with a wonderful range of opportunities, activities and events. From orienteering to yoga, and problem-solving to mindfulness, every element of the pupil’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing is covered. External visitors and workshops, such as Rocktopus and Sport in Mind, also form part of these special events, which helps to further connect pupils with their physical and mental wellbeing, as well as our school Core Values, in a fun, engaging and exciting way. These days also link well with other important events in our school calendar, such as World Mental Health Day, Red January and Children’s Mental Health Week. 

Pastoral Matters Parent Workshops

Documents and presentations shared at our Parent Workshops can be found to review here. From empowering resilience to understanding your child social media and digital footprint. If you would like to join our future Parent Workshops, please call the office to find out our next event.

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