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Year 6 Summer Show

Rehearsing for Beauty & The Beast 2023

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  • Day 10. 'Break a leg!'

    Published 16/06/23, by Admin

    Performance day has arrived! After A week and a half, Year 6 performed to the whole school, before the evening and Saturday performance. 

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  • Day 9

    Published 15/06/23, by Admin
    Today, Year 6 have hair and make-up, along with full costume try on, before the performances tomorrow and Saturday. The Villagers    
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  • Day 8

    Published 14/06/23, by Admin

    Props are starting to feature in rehearsals, with Villagers selling their items and wolf masks making the cast of Year 6 more terrifying!

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  • Day 7

    Published 14/06/23, by Admin

    On Tuesday the group focussed on creating the main backdrop of the village, with the help of Mr Genders and Mrs Lawrence, along with singing rehearsals on stage.

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  • Day 6

    Published 14/06/23, by Admin
    More props and costumes were being made on Monday, along with more rehearsals on the stage for the Beast.... it's all coming together for the end of this week and the children are rehearing and organising themselves amazingly well! To see them wo
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  • Day 5

    Published 09/06/23, by Admin
    What amazing progress the children have made in just five days! The props are all coming together - villager masks, ice creams, wardrobe, mirrors and forks! Stage positions have all be finalised and the pupils are working extremely well as
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  • Day 4

    Published 08/06/23, by Admin

    Today the year group has started to bring the scenes and songs together in the theatre.

    Alongside this, Villagers also practised their 'war' faces, for the scene when Gaston realises that Belle has feelings for the Beast convinces the villagers that the Beast is a monster that will abduct their children if they don't kill him to which the villagers agree to.

    Cast & Crew Comments:

    Who does your own personality and that of your characters compare?

    Lucy: "Lumiere the Convivial Candlestick, is fun and friendly, and I am also fun and friendly, so I don't really have to change myself, I just need to be more like a candlestick!"

    Isla S: "As 'Madame de le Grand Bouche' the Melodramatic Wardrobe, I've really enjoyed rehearsing and getting ready, as it has combined my three favourite subjects - Art, Music and Drama. It can be difficult at times because I have a duet and solo, but It's not too challenging - it's a lot of fun! I've got 14 lines, so it didn't take me too long to learn. It's going to be a great event and I can't wait to perform the show to our parents and school."

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  • Day 3

    Published 07/06/23, by Admin

    Mobs were fighting and villagers were hiding. The stage crew got to grips with the lighting controls and in the Art room, pupils were creating props.

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  • Day 2

    Published 06/06/23, by Admin

    Cast & Crew Comments:

    What are your roles?

    Billy: "I'm Villager #14 - The Greengrocer and I sell oranges, apples and pears! My role is really easy!"

    Tom: I'm Villager #10 and a bad guy call Monsieur D'Arque. It's really hard when I have to do the Monsieur bit, but the villager is much easier!"

    Henry: I'm Villager #2, I sell shoes. I sell all sots of shoes like - Nike, Addidas, Jordan's and all half the price!"

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  • Day 1

    Published 05/06/23, by Admin

    Day 1 has started with putting all the lines together for the first few scenes, practising 'Be my Guest' and arranging stage position within the performance.

    Cast & Crew Comments:

    What are your roles and do you enjoy them?

    Harry C: "I'm Gaston and I enjoy my role as I get to sing a lot - I love signing!"

    Ned: "I'm Beast #1, and I'm the one who starts when the character is angry and depressing, but I'm not that in real life! I like being able to play someone different and being in someone else's skin.

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