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Please see Mr Cook's end of Lent term message:


Well here it is, my inaugural Headmaster’s Blog!


When considering writing a Blog, I wondered what type I would write. Would I describe and give my opinions on the latest Government initiatives, maybe, or would I discuss on-going educational matters, probably, or indeed, would I keep with the unique and individual qualities that make The Croft a special place, definitely!


With this in mind, I thought I should update you on the welfare and health of Elvis Pigsley and Starburst. During the first week of Term a very friendly vet came to visit our resident pigs to give them a health check and MOT. They are both in fine fettle and are very healthy, which is reassuring to know, and they particularly like the wet, muddy conditions of their surroundings (they must be the only ones!). The more observant of you may have noticed that Starburst is limping, and he is suffering from a condition, much like me, of chronic arthritis in his left hindquarter! In a morning, or any time he gets up, he will suffer from aches and pains, but these should ease the more he moves around. When necessary, he will be given some painkillers to ease his discomfort, but there is little more we can do for him, sadly.


I wish you all, a belated Happy New Year, and I hope you will enjoy my unique Blogs which you will see periodically, throughout the Term!