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Due to the current situation we have decided to cancel the Open Mornings on Saturday 21 March and Tuesday 24 March. Please call Admissions to make an appointment to view the school.

Thornton Scholarship

Thornton Scholarship Examination - Monday 3 February 2020.  Registration now open


The Thornton Scholarship takes place in the Lent Term and is open to children who will be moving into Year 3.


The Thornton Scholarship, which the School is offering, will be up to a maximum of 50% of the School Fees, but the actual percentage will depend upon the standard reached.  The Scholarship standard is not easy to achieve, as the School is looking for children of exceptional academic ability.  Although this exam is open to all, it is set at scholarship level and we recommend that only children attaining a standardised score of 120 (or equivalent) on a recognised formal assessment test should be entered. 


The children sit three short papers: English writing task, Reading task and Maths task.  The children will also be interviewed by two senior Members of Staff. These interviews will also take place after their written exams.  Children should bring a book to the interview; this may be fact or fiction. There will also be a problem solving exercise for pupils to undertake.


The tenure of award will last as long as the child is at The Croft, provided there is no obvious negligence to his or her school work.  The percentage of the award will remain the same, whatever changes there are in the rate of inflation and School Fees.  However, Scholarship pupils will be expected to pay the termly rate for School Lunches.