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The Core Values

The Core Values

The Croft’s Core Values are at the heart of everything that the children do each day.  Children are given a wide variety of forums to examine these values in assemblies, PSHE lessons, the academic, musical and sporting curriculum and form time.

The following image is displayed in a variety of places throughout the school.

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All pupils from Reception to Year 6 are given a metal badge to wear with pride on their blazer. This allows them to take ownership of the school’s Core Values and is a reminder of their responsibilities as a member of The Croft School. During the school day, pupils can be awarded stickers when they demonstrate a particular value. This allows for immediate feedback and to encourage intrinsic motivation over time.

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The Core Value stickers:

The Core Value stickers: 1

During the academic year, each specific Core Value is focused on to allow our children to understand what the value looks like in everyday life and why it is important in order to be a successful person.


For more information regarding the Core Values, please contact Mr Ferris via email: