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Thornton Scholarship Examination - Monday 3 February 2020. Registration now open for current Year 2 pupils


Science stimulates and excites children's curiosity about their world. It can engage learners at many levels, satisfying their search for knowledge and natural sense of wonder.


Through studying Science, children learn to take responsibility for their role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as caring for and understanding the world in which they live.


They develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in all walks of life. Science is taught throughout the school, using a 'hands-on' approach. In Years 1 and 2, children use the extensive and varied outdoor environment to enrich their scientific experiences and investigations. Topics covered within Key Stage 1 include: Electricity; Forces; Our Solar System; Our Bodies; Animal, Plant and Variation; Materials.  


Educational visits are often linked to our Science topics. For example: A trip to The National Space Centre.