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Thornton Scholarship Examination - Monday 3 February 2020. Registration now open for current Year 2 pupils

Religious Education

In Key Stage 1 children have their own Assembly, with the emphasis on developing their understanding that people have different needs, views, cultures and beliefs.


As a Christian-designated School by the DFES, the children are taught about the Old Testament, the Life of Jesus, the Parables and Miracles. Other faiths are presented in Assemblies and displays, and major festivals from many other cultures are also celebrated at the appropriate times.


The following topics are covered: Celebrations, Different Faiths, Stories Jesus taught, Festivals and Places of Worship. We use a variety of resources to enable the children to gain maximum learning from RE lessons. These range from artefacts, text books, videos, visiting speakers, to the internet for research and information. All children are taught to have a sound knowledge of RE, and also to challenge their own ideas and opinions whilst always respecting and valuing those of others.


Children are taught RE within their classes during the week. The teaching is whole class, with some individual and group work.


The School is designated as Christian by the Department for Education.