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Religious Education

The School is designated as Christian by the Department for Education and RE plays an important part in the curriculum and in School life generally. Grace is said at lunchtimes, using prayers written by the children.


The children learn about a variety of World Faiths, and are also encouraged to consider religious principles in their day-to-day actions. The RE is motivational and involves learning about Religion as well as learning from it. We provide opportunities to explore a range of experiences, particularly those which raise issues of belief and value, meaning and purpose. We are careful to respect and value all children's beliefs and opinions.


Prep children are taught about Christianity at each year group in more depth: for example, Joseph and Moses in Year 3, the Books of the Bible in Year 4, key aspects of the Christian year in Year 5, and moral and world issues in Year 6. Each year group also studies one other World Faith in detail: Judaism/Year 3, Hinduism/Year 4, Islam/Year 5 and Buddhism/Year 6.


Children are taught RE in specially designated timetabled lessons. The teaching is whole class, with some group and individual work. Particular emphasis is given to discussion work in the older year groups. Assemblies are also used for RE focus and teaching. We use a variety of resources to enable the children to gain maximum learning from RE lessons. These range from artefacts, text books, videos, visiting speakers, to the internet for research and information. All children are taught to have a sound knowledge of RE, and also to challenge their own ideas and opinions whilst always respecting those of others.


ISI Inspectors found that our pupils show outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness, and are able to discuss a variety of moral issues with increasing maturity, particularly in Years 5 and 6. We are encouraging all pupils to be more aware of the cultural diversity of everyday life in Britain through visits from local world faith groups, for example, a Buddhist monk, and considering charities and different cultures in RE, particularly from the Stratford, Warwickshire and Midlands areas.