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Thornton Scholarship Examination - Monday 3 February 2020. Registration now open for current Year 2 pupils


Key Stage Two - Years 3 to 6


Children aged 8-11 years



The Prep Department enjoys wonderful open spaces in which to educate our pupils. Having once been a farm, we occupy buildings that are an imaginative mix of traditional and modern, inspiring a feeling of adventure and exploration. There is space to learn, to play, to feel at home and to be challenged.


The transition from Pre-Prep to Prep is one which we aim to make as smooth as possible. There is excellent liaison between Year 2 and Year 3 Staff, so that pupils 'hit the ground running'. Year 3 Staff take assemblies in Pre-Prep, and 'Move Up' day in June provides an opportunity for pupils to spend the morning with their new teachers and classmates.


Pupils in Years 3 and 4 are taught by their Class Teachers, in Forms of no more than 20 pupils, in their own well apportioned classrooms. They are also taught by subject specialists in French, ICT, PE, PSHE, Music and Games. They are nurtured and challenged, with the aim of fulfilling each child's potential.


We aim to encourage our pupils to become more independent as they move through the School and beyond, and part of this training starts in Year 5, when pupils have their own timetable, and are taught by specialists for all subjects. This ensures that they are both supported and stretched by well qualified and enthusiastic Staff. This continues into Year 6, when pupils are prepared for transition to their secondary schools. In Years 5 and 6, pupils are taught in their Forms for all subjects, except in Maths and English, where three Forms become four Sets. Children are grouped according to ability, and given appropriate support and challenge. Pupils are prepared for 11+ tests, Independent Schools' Entrance Exams and Key Stage 2 SATs. We are rightly proud of our children, as they move on with confidence and independence.