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Thornton Scholarship Examination - Monday 3 February 2020. Registration now open for current Year 2 pupils


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care 1


The importance of pastoral care within the school environment is acknowledged as being an essential and invaluable part of every child's life.


Our aim is to ensure that every child is happy, and thus able to enjoy every aspect of their school life.


Pastoral care encompasses everything we do – aspects of the School's work and teaching contribute to the care, welfare and personal development of every child. A happy child not only achieves academically, but is also able to make a positive contribution to activities which lie outside the classroom.


The three Rs of pastoral care are relationships, respect and responsibility. We believe this is achieved through a proactive, collaborative approach in which all members of the school community play a part.


We are committed to continued support and guidance, as well as striving to implement new initiatives, which enhance every child's social and emotional intelligence further.


Pastoral Support:

Mr James Ferris - Assistant Head Pastoral

Mrs Gemma Cook - Head of Emotional and Physical Development Faculty


Peer Support

Peer Support is an integral part of our commitment to pastoral care throughout the School.


All Year 6 pupils are invited to apply for the position of becoming a Peer Supporter, whose job it is to help out at playtimes or after lunch, in both Prep and Pre-Prep. A helping hand, a listening ear, a friendly chat, a point in the right direction, or simply being a peacemaker in a brewing storm!


Peer Supporters are identified by their special ties, which they wear with pride.