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Outstanding Teamwork

15 September 2015


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, a quote by Aristotle with which I fully agree. The whole Croft community contributed to our recent fantastic ISI inspection from Early Years to Year 6. The school’s ethos, individual characteristics, keen efforts by everyone, and high standards in all areas combined to impress and confirm once again The Croft’s wonderful learning environment. The results, however, corroborate what we do naturally, that the excellent standards are the norm, and that pupils and staff are proud to do things this way, upholding a long-standing tradition.


The Croft encourages individuals to shine in their own way and also instils a sense of teamwork at its core, for example, staff work together across the school so everyone has the same aim; and pupils work together in groups within class, in sports teams, at projects, in putting together assemblies, in organising charity events, the list goes on. In essence, our pupils work together and learn how to pull together and comport themselves well in the school community and beyond.


This week, Year 5 pupils will learn more aspects of teamwork as they undertake Venturers’ Camp on the school grounds, a 1 ½ day overnight camping experience. New skills, perhaps outside of their comfort zone, and a common aim impart a sense of adventure and achievement, confidence and appreciating true alliances for everyone’s benefit, for the greater goal. As pupils acquire their new sense of teamwork, they grow and mature even more as individuals.


What we strive to achieve, be it survival skills or an excellent report, we enjoy the journey, learning and improving along the way. As Aristotle also said, “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”, and that’s what we like to do too!


Marcus Cook