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Outside the Box

08 March 2016


Outside my window, in the relative safety of a niche by the farmhouse wall, I recently saw a squirrel furtively eating its morsel of food, delighting in being able to do so, undisturbed by fellow squirrels or foe. It was so close, I could see its tiny paws nimbly rotating and raising the food to its mouth. A happy and triumphant squirrel indeed!


The squirrel could have just eaten its food where it found it, on the open lawn, but had the good foresight to find a safe haven. Whilst this example is quite simplistic, it really does pay to think a little further, to challenge challenges, and to find an alternate way around potential problems.


Getting from the proverbial A to B in all aspects of life can be far more enriching if we free our imaginations to consider another route other than the mundane. At The Croft, the School is sometimes affectionately described as the quirky Croft, because we rather like to do some things differently.


Firstly, we are unique in that we are a family owned school and our ethos of caring, nurturing and friendliness permeates throughout. Pupils enjoy being in school which impacts positively on their learning – you just have to see their smiling faces every day – hand on heart, this is a great place to be!


The School also boasts unique features such as a Geology Museum crammed full of crystals, rocks, fossils and artefacts; an O gauge model railway; a Science laboratory; two kune kune pigs (who love watching the children play football!); several hens; a conservation area; and Forest School complete with teepee. We also teach Latin to Year 6, and we are one of a few leading schools in the country to teach emotional intelligence, a highly efficient tool to help pupils understand themselves to help them to learn better, academically and socially.


Furthermore, The Croft offers a diverse range of Friday afternoon clubs for pupils in Years 3-6, in addition to the usual extra-curricular provision. These include Girls’ Rugby, Train Club, Boys’ and Girls’ Football, Benchball, Debating, Board Games, Just Do It, Lego, Country Dancing, Music Technology and Knitting. And yes, boys also attend Knitting Club!


Our clubs and facilities provide an open backdrop for children to absorb the notion that something different is something good, quirky or otherwise. Croft pupils begin their learning journey with a sense of delight and wonder, squirrelling away all their experiences and, along the way, embracing the inimitable concept of thinking outside the box.


Marcus Cook