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Due to the current situation we have decided to cancel the Open Mornings on Saturday 21 March and Tuesday 24 March. Please call Admissions to make an appointment to view the school.

Learning to Learn

6 February 2017


Thankfully, things have moved on since the days of the blackboard (although blackboards do conjure up good memories for many!). Technology continues to develop at speed, yet our methods of learning remain the same. That is, most people’s learning style is either visual, auditory or kinaesthetic, or a combination. We all process information differently which influences our ability to learn, not just in school, but throughout our lives, and at The Croft, we ensure all learning styles are catered for.


Little Crofters 2-year olds enter our doors wide-eyed, excited and yearning to learn everything around them. Their learning journey begins straight away, led by our Early Years professional teachers as part of The Croft curriculum with age-appropriate tasks and play activities. Little Crofters and Little Crofters Pre-School pupils, aged 2 – 4, all receive actual teaching in contrast to, for instance, a toddler group setting. However, their learning is steeped in fun, adventure and exploring, so they love their experience in school each and every day. Little Crofters Pre-School pupils also begin learning Music and French by specialist qualified teachers, a somewhat rare practice in schools for this young age group.


You may be familiar with this historic proverb: “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will show you the man” – we have since learned that 90 per cent of the brain’s growth happens in the first five years of a child’s life. Education in the pre-school years is therefore paramount to building firm foundations for optimum successful development, and our 2 - 4 year olds benefit profoundly, as confirmed by our recent ISI report. Pupils in Reception and Year 1 are therefore well placed to flourish, as our attention to individually tailored teaching continues through to Year 6, to ensure that all pupils receive the best education as individuals.


Study Skills is embedded within the curriculum to ensure pupils know how to learn independently, which is crucial when preparing for entrance exams and for keeping on top of their workload. In addition, The Croft is one of a handful of schools nationally to teach emotional intelligence – Packtypes – which is a psychometric based game that enhances self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, understanding and relationships. Year 1 to Year 6 pupils profit greatly from this amazing resource.


We encourage curiosity, questioning and a can-do attitude, and, in turn, pupils reward us with their thirst for knowledge. If you have a curiosity about what The Croft is all about, and want to question me about what we can do for your child, please arrange to have a personal tour with me, or you are warmly welcome to attend our Open Mornings: Early Years and Key Stage 1 (2 - 4 year olds) on Saturday 18 March, or Whole School (2 – 11 year olds) on Tuesday 28 March, both 10am until noon. You may not find any blackboards on your visit, but you will find a rich history and an exciting future – there’s so much to learn!