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Due to the current situation we have decided to cancel the Open Mornings on Saturday 21 March and Tuesday 24 March. Please call Admissions to make an appointment to view the school.

Languages Faculty

Languages Faculty Leader – Mrs Terry Titchener

Languages opens the mind and grows the brain.

In my role as Faculty Leader, I would like the faculty to promote high standards of literacy by equipping all pupils with a strong command of the written and spoken word, and develop a love of language through enjoying reading, writing and engagement in different languages and cultures.

Within the Faculty, we believe that Languages are the keys to which we open the doors to new experiences and cultures. Exposure to a variety of languages from an early age can promote brain growth, out of the box thinking and FUN.

The faculty’s vision is for the pupils of The Croft School to develop a deep understanding of their own Language, extend their vocabulary and investigate the links it has to other Indio-European languages.


Faculty vision:


-Place language and communication in all forms at the heart of all learning.

-Deliver a curriculum that promotes confidence in the language skills of the pupils so that they are able to communicate in a variety of forms.

-Explore a variety of languages, spoken and unspoken, allowing pupils to develop cross-cultural understanding and provide them with the best opportunities to communicate effectively.