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Languages Faculty

Languages Faculty Leader – Mrs Claire Field


My Role as Faculty Leader is to lead and direct my Faculty in order to maximise learning opportunities and outcomes throughout the whole school. Within this role as a senior member of staff here at the Croft Preparatory School,  I am constantly driving the standards of learning expectations, both within the classroom and beyond, ensuring activities and outcomes are consistently high and creating children who are purposefully curious about their learning.


My vision is to inspire young minds to develop a lifelong love for language where their learning experiences allow them to gain strong linguistic skills and a worldwide appreciation and understanding of cultures.


Faculty Vision

  • Place language at the heart of learning where the spoken word, creative literacy and performance form the building blocks of communication for life
  • Collaborate and interact within the faculty to deliver a curriculum that nurtures and improves young learners through the aspirations of knowledge rich, subject teachers
  • Engage children to explore and interrogate language in a creative way, developing their abilities to be lifelong learners
  • Make certain that all children at The Croft lead the way in to the future, skilled in all kinds of languages, to go out in to the world and engage with it.