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Due to the current situation we have decided to cancel the Open Mornings on Saturday 21 March and Tuesday 24 March. Please call Admissions to make an appointment to view the school.

Humanities Faculty

Humanities Faculty Leader – Mr David Coggins


My role as Faculty Leader is to lead and direct my Faculty in order to maximise learning opportunities and outcomes throughout the whole school. Within this role as a senior member of staff here at the Croft Preparatory School,  I am constantly driving the standards of learning expectations both within the classroom and beyond ensuring activities and outcomes are consistently high and creating children who are purposefully curious about their learning.


  • To deepen children’s understanding of themselves, working closely with the people around them and understanding their own communities and those in the wider world in order to fully undertake their place as a global citizen through their knowledge and understanding of the world, its history and its people.


Faculty Vision

  • Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and to become increasingly independent
  • Understand how individuals have helped shape British society and values, by encouraging, promoting and developing a child’s sense of time, an awareness of change, within and beyond their own, appreciate the world they live in, climates, physical features, people and their culture
  • Develop children’s sense of national identity and place it within a global context
  • Encourages our children to be expressive and creative in their approach to the learning of Humanities