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Please see Mr Cook's end of Lent term message:


At The Croft, we aim to bring History alive, with a view to developing a life-long interest in the subject.


Pupils are encouraged to investigate, analyse and debate the events, ideas, characters and conditions of the past. Alongside the attainment of knowledge and understanding, emphasis is placed on the development of pupils' thinking skills through historical enquiry.


A variety of teaching methods are employed, making the best of both traditional and modern approaches. Interactive and audiovisual materials are used, and pupils often have the opportunity to display their work. Handling artefacts, drama and rôle play, visits by professional groups and trips to historic sites are key elements of History at The Croft.


In Prep, each year group focuses on specific historical periods. History in Year 3 begins with an investigation of the Ancient Egyptians followed by Romans and Celts, before moving forward in time to a study of World War II. In Year 4 pupils study the Vikings and Normans. A study of the Mayan civilization is also undertaken. History in Year 5 focuses on the vibrant and exciting period of the Tudors, making use of the rich resource of our local history. The Victorians are investigated by Year 6 before they travel back in time to explore the lives of the Ancient Greeks.


Above all, we hope that lessons are fun and informative, leaving pupils with a sense of curiosity and a desire to find out more.