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Food for thought

08 May 2013


It is a well-known fact that one of the most important considerations for us all is a 'balanced-diet'. The children learn this through the curriculum, both in Science and PSHE, understanding what constitutes '1 of your 5 a day' and the difference between carbohydrate and protein, for example. This extends further where discussion topics centre about the importance of Omega-3 oils and which fish contain the most. One of the most debated topics is the importance of fruit and vegetables, with many sources in the media expressing concern that children do not consume sufficient quantities of these food groups. It has been well documented that certain aspects of your diet can stimulate cognitive development whilst others can inhibit. So, ensuring there is a balance is key, particularly during a child's formative years.


The unenviable task of putting theory into practice falls on the shoulders of our Catering Manager, Mrs Serena Edwards. Along with her catering team, Mrs Edwards works to create not only a balanced diet, but one that children enjoy. One of her specialities is the 'themed lunch' savoured by staff and pupils alike, however, I am not sure which group is the most excited when they see the weekly menu!


Whilst we all have our own individual preferences, and in some cases dietary requirements, Mrs Edwards is able to provide a substantial, balanced meal for every member of the school – no mean feat in my opinion!


You may be wondering where I got my inspiration for this blog. In the Dining Room there is a 'Comments Diary' for the children to report their views of the lunch. It was whilst perusing this diary one Lunch Duty that I noticed a comment from a Pre-Prep child. It simply read – "You should cook for the Queen"!


Perhaps that will come true one day - I hope you are reading, Your Majesty, because Mrs Edwards and The Croft catering team will be ready!