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Emotional & Physical Development Faculty

Emotional & Physical Development Faculty Leader – Mrs Gemma Cook


The Emotional and Physical Development Faculty takes a Holistic approach, developing our pupils’ fundamental life skills in order for them to fulfil their potential, providing opportunities to build on their emotional intelligence and physical development and the opportunity to be valuable British Citizens.


The aims of the EPD Faculty is to:

  1. Provide the pupils with “Education for Social Responsibility” (IAPS Council 2014) through the promotion of well-being, rights, responsibilities, knowledge and skills
  2. Give clear opportunities to make our pupils emotionally resilient and valued British Citizens supported by their family, The Croft and wider community.
  3. Enable Children to gain control over their physical actions to do complicated and difficult activities more skilfully and easily, using fine and gross motor skills
  4. Support and encourage pupils to work in collaboration with others to develop their Growth Mindset and fulfil a common goal.


As Head of Emotional and Physical Development, I am passionate to support and develop new initiatives and to continue to raise the standards of teaching within the Faculty. This is to ensure pupils at the Croft strengthen their bodies and mental strength giving them more stability to cope with the Modern World: embodying a passion for learning and resilience to face the new challenges.


Emotional Development

Children’s responses to the different feelings they experience every day have a major impact on their choices, their behaviour, their wellbeing and on how well they cope and enjoy life at the Croft both academically and socially.


As children grow and are exposed to different situations, their emotional lives also become more complex. Developing skills for managing a range of emotions is therefore very important for their emotional wellbeing.


By acknowledging children’s emotional responses and providing guidance, teachers at the Croft and parents/carers can help children understand and accept feelings, and develop effective strategies for managing them.


Physical Development

Physical development is the process that starts in human infancy and continues into late adolescent concentrating on gross and fine motor skills as well as puberty.


Physical development at the Croft involves children developing control over their physical actions, particularly muscles and physical coordination. Development is how children gain control over their physical actions to do complicated and difficult activities more skilfully and easily.  The development and improvement of physical skills not only depends on the size of the child and their muscular strength but also their emotional resilience to do a task.


Physical development will usually follow a sequence even though the age may vary.  There are factors that can affect this sequence, such as a disability.