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Please see Mr Cook's end of Lent term message:


We often associate Drama with Script, Rehearsal, Voice Production and the display of Acting Talent. This type of drama has particular benefits, in that it increases children's self confidence, gives them the opportunity to express themselves in public and appear on stage, which each Croft pupil does every year.


However, it represents only a part of the rich learning and ensemble experience that Drama has to offer at The Croft. Our curriculum does not only concentrate on the display element of drama, but, also emphasises the benefits to be gained from the process of exploring life through the creation of a Plot, Theme, Fiction and Make-believe.


The Drama curriculum comprises interrelated activities which explore feelings, knowledge and ideas, leading to understanding. It examines themes and issues, creates a safe context in which to do so, and provides for opportunities to reflect on the insights gained in the process. It draws on the knowledge, interests and enthusiasm of the child. In Drama, the child explores the motivations and the relationships between people that exist in a real, imagined or historical context, to help him/her understand the world. The child is encouraged to make decisions and to take responsibility for those decisions within the safe context of the Drama.