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Creative Arts Faculty


Creative Arts Faculty Leader – Mrs Rachael Arkell


My Role as Faculty Leader is to lead and direct the Creative Arts faculty (Art and Design, Drama and Music) in order to maximise learning opportunities and outcomes throughout the whole school. Within this role as a senior member of staff here at the Croft Preparatory School,  I am constantly driving the standards of learning expectations both within the classroom and beyond ensuring activities and outcomes are consistently high and creating children who are purposefully curious about their learning.


My vision

I believe that every child should be able to access high quality Arts education from a young age. For me the following six statements which are not only integral when learning through the Arts subjects, but hugely beneficial in preparing our pupils for the standard life skills that they will need within their time at the Croft Preparatory School and beyond.

  • It introduces children to other cultures
  • It boosts self-esteem
  • It refines discipline and patience.
  • It cultivates social skills
  • It develops physical skills.
  • It improves academic skills.


All valuable skills that develop a pupil and that are inexplicably connected with every other aspect of your child’s education.


Faculty Vision

The Creative Arts Faculty has the passion and drive

  • To foster cross phase life-long learners in Creative Arts.
  • To inspire all pupils to succeed in the discreet subjects within the Creative Arts.
  • To work tirelessly so that our pupils can produce annual high quality Art exhibitions, School productions, Concerts and Services.
  • To continuously develop and establish a thriving culture within the Creative Arts Faculty department where every pupils feels safe to try new things and have the confidence to experiment and express themselves within this comfortable learning environment.