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Can Music and Sport really mix?

18 March 2013


Over my teaching career, I have worked in many schools and there has always been the perennial problem of Music versus Sport. If a rehearsal is scheduled at the same time as a team practice, which takes priority? Both play such a vital part in a child's development and it is undoubtedly unfair of teachers to ask them to choose. This is why here at The Croft we have it spot on!


Music and Sport departments work closely together, supporting each other so our pupils are not forced into the quandary of which to opt for. With Music predominantly occurring before school and Sport at lunchtimes, there is opportunity to be involved in both. Should a clash arise for any reason, then the departments liaise and the pressure is removed from the pupil, a much easier resolution for all involved.


This balance of opportunity was epitomised earlier this Half Term. Last Saturday afternoon, I was seated in our Theatre listening to the most amazing concert at the culmination of the Orchestral Afternoon. Some 150 musicians wowed the audience with a variety of performances, finishing with a truly stunning medley of tunes from 'The Hobbit'. Fast forward 24 hours, and 5 members of that Orchestra are standing atop a podium receiving medals, having just been crowned National Champions at Rugby!


Don't ever let it be said that Music and Sport can't mix, because here at The Croft it certainly can – now that's music to my ears!