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Day 7

The play starts to come together and now we face the challenges of getting it perfect. Making sure we’re loud enough, becoming our character and knowing where we should be are some of the challenges we face.

We must all try to act as our characters would and respect whoever’s speaking on stage.

This is our last show so we must make it our BEST show!



Amelia (Mermaid): What has been your favourite thing today? Getting into costume or acting our scene.

Charlotte (Wendy): What have you done today? I have rehearsed the play and it has been really fun.

Julien (Mr Darling): What has been the best thing today? Acting out the play.

Alfie (Warrior): What has been the best part today?  The same as Julien.

Olivia (Pirate): What have you enjoyed today? I have enjoyed getting the props because it makes me feel more like a pirate.

Lizzie and Isla (Narrator): What have you done today? I have got changed into my costume and said my lines. 

Isla H (Tiger Lily) I am very happy with my costume. The play is looking really good.

Bronwyn (Pirate) Do you like your costume? Yes.  Are you having fun? Yes.  Are you looking forward to performing? Yes but I’m a bit nervous

Daisy ( Mrs Darling) Do you like your costume? Yes.  Are you enjoying your role? Yes its okay I don’t mind it.

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Dulce et Forte