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Aim High!

Aim High!


22 May 2017


The Croft’s maroon blazer (with accompanying child!) is often spotted dotted around town, especially after school or at special events, such as the Shakespeare Birthday Parade. I am sure you will agree it is a distinctive form of attire representative of a quality educational establishment. I have previously written about Croft pupils being important ambassadors in and out of School, and I reiterate their significance.


The Croft uniform also symbolises the unity of every member’s idea of what we want to achieve in our school, ie the School Aims.

Formalised 5 years ago, the 6 School Aims encompass The Croft’s long-standing ethos. Every pupil and staff member are aware of what it is we are aiming to achieve. By following the aims, everyone has a shared benchmark of expectations, academically, pastorally, and in and out of school. The School Aims can be found on the website under the Parents’ Zone tab - Policy and Important Documents/Mission Statement and School Aims - and are displayed in each classroom and around the School.


It is important to set ourselves targets, formally and informally, large-scale and small-scale. We can then work towards our goal, by having to learn new facts, or practising more, for example in sport or music, or for exams.


Pupils’ school reports include targets in each subject which inform the pupil and parents of what they need to do next to reach their potential. I speak with each Prep pupil individually about their report and discuss how they can improve further in key areas highlighted by their teachers. Encouragement and support are vital for children who embrace advice to help them achieve their goals. A little explanation can help to remove the idea of the unknown and even a fear if they imagine they may be incapable.


Overcoming our fears and being outside of our comfort zone is an example of personal aims which our Year 6 experienced last week on their residential week at PGL Osmington Bay in Dorset. Please take a look at our twitter feed to see pupils in action, facing and conquering scary situations head on. Participating in never before experienced activities at great heights or on water is a challenge that most pupils relish, but even those who accomplish a small aspect of the challenge are achieving highly, as they have pushed themselves to their max – they have aimed high for their level of ability.


From Little Crofters’ first performance on stage, to practising for a Grade 1 Music exam, to the PGL trip in the great outdoors, every experience at The Croft builds on from the one before, teaching us that achievement is within our grasp, as we build skills and develop confidence with each step towards our goal.