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A Different Kind of Resolution

05 February 2014


As we enter a New Year, much conversation centres around resolutions that people make. Many seem to emanate from a possible overindulgence during the festive period and a desire to take action to remedy this. Frequently this takes the form of an improved diet, restriction of certain foods - chocolate and cakes seem to be the most popular! - and a desire to become more physically fit.


Everyone is very aware of the importance of physical exercise and its relationship with physical fitness, whether that is in adults or children. Much media coverage revolves around the issues of obesity and the lack of exercise, particularly in young people. However, this is not the only area in which we can look to make developments and improvements.


An individual's 'Social fitness' tends to be neglected and many of you may wonder what this is. If one considers 'Physical fitness' as a way of keeping our bodies fit and healthy, developing strength, stamina and agility, then 'Social fitness' works on improving communication, understanding and awareness.


In essence, this develops an individual's ability to relate to and value others, whilst understanding and valuing ourselves. Accurate self-awareness leads to balanced, positive self-esteem and this is often a life changer, particularly for young people and anyone experiencing change in their life. Self-esteem breeds confidence and motivation, and the more confident and motivated children are, the more open, curious and aspirational they are likely to be.


So, as the New Year is upon us, let us encourage our children not to just become more 'Physically fit', but 'Socially fit' too. This will undoubtedly help them make greater progress, not just in School but in their lives in general.


Marcus Cook