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Vision & Strategy

The Croft School Vision and Strategy





The Croft School Limited Company owns and operates The Croft Preparatory School. Ownership of the Company rests with the Thornton family who purchased the School in 1981. Leadership, oversight and management are conducted by the Company’s Board of Directors, the Governing Committee and Executive Leadership Team chaired by the current Headmaster, Marcus Cook.



The vision of the Board is to deliver an outstanding educational experience to all girls and boys in a fully occupied School, utilising the extensive facilities within our unique 30 acre site. The Thornton family is fully committed to continued ownership and the long term future of the School. The family ethos will continue to be at the heart of everything we undertake.



The strategy is to sustain and continue to build upon the progress made throughout the tenure of the current Headmaster. Our objective is to raise educational standards to the highest level and position the School as the best it possibly can be amongst its peer group.


To achieve this we will:


  • Prioritise Child Safeguarding and Security
  • Adhere rigorously to all Regulatory and Compliance procedures
  • Invest and develop the advisory skills of the Governing Committee
  • Regularly review and appraise our School Development Plan
  • Seek to maintain the highest ISI validations of standards in all areas
  • Develop the capability of our staff to deliver outstanding teaching and support
  • Evolve succession plans
  • Adhere to a 5 year financial plan
  • Regularly evaluate strategic risks
  • Market the School to a wide community with bespoke initiatives for target groups
  • Align our fee structure to the quality of our delivery and market expectations
  • Develop appropriate infrastructure and educational resources for all


Lyndall Bagnall, Sam Thornton, Barney Thornton

The Board of Directors