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Dulce et Forte


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin


Years 1 and 2
(Key Stage 1)


Children aged 6 - 7 years


The Pre-Prep enjoys its own building, surrounded by countryside, with its own exciting and stimulating Playground. This encourages plenty of creative, outdoor play. There are three classes for each year band.  Each class is allocated a Teaching Assistant.  Our assistants play a key role within each class, supporting the work of the Class Teacher, guiding and helping individuals and groups of children with their learning. The children follow a curriculum that enables them to make maximum progress towards their goals, which is why Teachers across each year band plan together, to ensure all children within a year group receive the same opportunities and learning experiences, and to fully utilise each Teacher’s specialism and passions.


There are two large indoor play areas which are used for Assemblies, Music and many other special events. We also share facilities with the Preparatory School, including the Dining Hall, Theatre, Gymnasium, Sports Hall, Geology Museum, Playing Fields, Forest School, Music School, Mundell Court Performance Space and Computing Suite, and all its exciting specialist spaces.


Our aim is to help each child to become a confident, independent individual, who relate well to other children and adults throughout the school. Our broad-based curriculum ensures that our children have the opportunity to develop and flourish. With a combination of stimulating activities and informative displays, an ideal learning environment is there for all the children.