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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

Year 6 List Poems

Ten things found in a cat’s pocket by Edward F (Year 6)

A button to turn on the purring mode

A carton of milk in case of thirst

A piece of cheese to tempt the mice

A wind-up toy mouse for pouncing practice

A blanket to curl up on

A wooden block for sharpening claws

A comb to keep up their appearance

A hand warmer for chilly days

A bag of cat treats

A remote control hand when in need of stroking or tickling

Ten things found in the Queen’s handbag by Zoe P (Year 6)

Dog food (corgis are always hungry)

Recordings of many speeches (in case she forgets)

A book of 100 ways to use your iPhone-122

A crown to keep her company

A spare hand (if she waves too much, her hand will fall off!)

False teeth (your teeth won’t stay forever)

A mouldy slice of cake, stolen from last year’s Bake Off

Hearing aid (not working)

An instruction manual for how to rule your country (going well so far)

A small umbrella (you know what the weather’s like here).