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Year 5 & 6 Interview with Lewis Moody

Lewis Moody, a member of the triumphant 2003 Rugby World Cup team returned to visit us on Wednesday.  He last came in June 2011 for an Assembly and was back again to train with the Year 5 and 6 boys.  Outside Lewis put the boys through drills that focussed on agility, speed and teamwork.  One effective exercise showed the importance of collecting the ball in open loose play.  It strikes me as an ideal exercise for a flanker!  And how good was it to have such a high calibre player encouraging our players!

After the outdoor exercises, Lewis came into the Theatre where Mr Cook introduced him to parents.  There followed a question and answer session:

 George H:  Why are you called Mad Dog?

LM: I have a certain style.  Ben Kay [a fellow England rugby player] said I was like a puppy chasing a stick down the M25.   I got knocked out in 2007 and played on.  Afterwards the coach said 'Everyone needs a mad dog on their team'!

 Teddy C: Who inspired you?

LM: Will Carling

Freddie S: What do you eat?

LM: When training, we have to eat lots of carbs and protein, and especially for breakfast,  to have broccoli, boiled chicken, baked beans and steak!

Harrison G:  Were you annoyed when Johnny Wilkinson didn't pass in the world cup?

LM: No, I was happy being a part of it.  It was the biggest moment of my life.

Mrs Hendy:  Do you feel the smaller players are being pushed out of the game now that players are so big?

LM: No there are lots of smaller, very good players.  There's a place for all shapes and sizes in a team.  There's always room for short, nimble and quick players who are often the hardest to tackle.

Freddie K:  Who's the best player you've played against?

LM: Martin Johnson for his passion, he lead by example and never missed a session, very driven; and to Johnny Wilkinson, for his commitment to teamwork and training.

Ralph R:  Did you prefer playing for Bath or Leicester Tigers?

LM: I was at Leicester Tigers from 14- 31 years of age and only at Bath for 2 years so I'd have to say Leicester Tigers.

Freddie K:  Which stadium is the best to play in?

LM: The Millennium stadium, as the Welsh are so passionate about the sport.  When you go out and hear the roar of the crowd and then they close the roof, it is deafening and you can’t even hear calls to team mates.

Lyndall Thornton:  Ben Cohen has just been picked to do Strictly Come Dancing.  Would you ever be tempted?

LM: They asked me and my wife said no!!