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Year 1 Trip to Umberslade Farm

“The lambs and chicks had grown SO big since the Spring!”

“The pigs were really lazy, sleeping in the sunshine.”

“The naughty goat chewed my coat!”

“Gemma told us that the white pony slept all day because she was awake all night, playing in the field!”

“I was really brave and held and stroked a rat!”

“We got soaked when we fed the chickens as it rained and rained and rained. Then the sun shone.”

As we could tell from their comments, Year 1 had a fantastic time at Umberslade Farm Park when we visited on Thursday 13 June. We saw a range of animals and learnt lots of new things about life on a farm.

The children had the opportunity to handle some of the animals and they especially enjoyed feeding the goats with huge bottles of milk, which were gobbled greedily.

Feeding the chickens was great fun also, despite the downpour!  Even the ducks decided to shelter in the warm and dry barn!  Fortunately the sun came back out to play and we finished the day with an exciting tractor ride through the park.