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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

Will it Float or Sink?

Children in Class RL have been exploring how and why different objects float and sink when placed in water. They collected objects found around the classroom and in the Reception garden for their investigation. In teams, the children discussed and designed a boat and used the materials they found to build it. Then they put their boats to the test! These are the results and children's comments:

Boat 1 - made of sticks and leaves floated for a short time before sinking. "There are too many holes in it",  "The water is coming through", "The sticks are too heavy".

Boat 2 - made of cardboard boxes and paper tubes floated for a little longer before sinking. "It's not waterproof", "It's gone soft and soggy", "It's breaking into pieces".

Boat 3 - made of yogurt pots and milk bottles is still floating and even carried toy passengers! "It's balancing on the water", "It's light", "The bottle has air in it".