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What is Music Technology Club?

On Friday afternoons in the Prep School, the last hour of the day is Clubs time! This half term there are seventeen pupils, from Years 3-6, in Music Technology Club. Let’s find out what they’ve been up to!

"I’ve been using ‘Acid Music Studio’; this is a fun piece of software that lets you put different sequences of music together. It’s really good for making electronic music, and it has lots of different drum beats to choose from. Most recently I’ve been using it to compose music for a video. After you’ve made a piece in Acid Music Studio you can e-mail it home and enjoy the results!" Elliott B (Year 5)


"You can choose any instruments and make good tunes with them. Last week we made a tune using guitar sounds and we recorded it" Izzy O (Year 3)

"I’ve been composing a duet on Sibelius, for a cornet and horn. I play the cornet, so I’ve been composing part of it for me to play!" William C (Year 5)


"I’ve been using Sibelius to compose a melody which lasts sixteen bars. Once I had composed the melody I added a snare drum, timpani and cymbals to make it more exciting. Now I’m working on a melody which uses the Phrygian Mode. Modes are what musicians used before we had the major and minor scales." Rosie P-J (Year 4)


"I play in a brass band outside The Croft. Some of our pieces are handwritten and difficult to read! I have used Sibelius to create neater and clearer versions for me to play." Bethan B (Year 6)

"I am composing a piece of music which I would like Junior Choir to sing, and for part of the Orchestra to play. My song is about going through the year from Summer to Winter." Lulu R (Year 3)

"Having chosen Music Technology every single term since I started Year 3, I’ve progressed from using ‘2SimpleMusicToolkit’ to using Sibelius notation software. Last year, I composed a saxophone solo for my class assembly. Most recently, I’ve been working on an arrangement of the final movement of a Handel Recorder Concerto for me to perform with a string quartet later this year." Bethan F (Year 6)

As you can see, there’s a lot of creativity in Music Technology Club – watch out later this year, when you might get to hear some of our compositions and arrangements being performed in school!