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Venice Choir Tour 2015

The inaugural Croft Choir Tour took place during the Easter holidays with 27 members of the Senior Choir, accompanied by staff, parents and members of JSJS (The Croft community teenage choir), in Venice for four days.

The Senior Choir had been invited to perform in two churches, the Basilica SS Giovanni e Paolo and Vivaldi's church, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà. Mr Shortman, The Croft's Director of Music, also planned some fun, impromptu busking which drew many impressed admirers.


As the pupils took the vaporetto or walked the Venetian streets, they were left in awe, as round each corner was yet another canal or bridge or beautiful building. The children were astonished by the immense size of the venue for their first performance, Basilica SS Giovanni e Paolo. It was wondrous to hear the first note sung echo round the cavernous building for longer than seemed possible. The children observed that for all the church's grandeur, they nearly froze as they sang!

The choir's second concert was at Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà. The sound of gasps and wonder filled the air, as the choir looked around at the beauty of the interior, covered in artwork and grilles behind which the girls from Vivaldi's Ospedale had sung. This was a truly inspiring church and it was reflected in the quality of the singing and music produced by all the performers.


Pupils and staff had a fantastic trip to Venice.