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The Solar System - Year 5 Science

The Year 5 Science curriculum provides the pupils with an opportunity to learn about the solar system. It is a fascinating topic, as it offers many occasions to find information whether learnt in the Science lab, from independent research, and even by studying the stars at night from the comfort of a garden, despite the freezing temperatures! The results of their work were displayed in the Theatre Foyer. Many have chosen spheres to highlight facts while others have been inventive with food: Tabby P’s waning crescent moon cake; Bella C and Jacob T turned a biscuit into a planet, and Austin W coated Oreo biscuits to demonstrate phases of the moon. Lily C-J and Grace K made icing sugar planets, and Imogen F, Freddie S, Anthony H and Felix R decorated their cakes. Thank you to Mrs Macrae for devising such a stimulating exercise.