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The Snowman’s Nose

One of the things that makes the Christmas season at The Croft special is the Little Crofters’ Christmas play. It is a heart-warming experience to see The Croft’s youngest pupils perform on stage. Michaelmas Term is Little Crofters’ first term in a structured learning environment; in this term, the children will have learnt so much, not least the transition of starting pre-school. And yet, within this term, children who have only just turned three will have gained enough confidence to stand on a stage and perform in a theatre with an audience of 300 people.

Little Crofters’ performance of ‘The Snowman’s Nose’ was enchanting. The children sang and danced to the story of a snowman who was built by children, and then rabbits mistakenly ate his nose! Luckily, Father Christmas came to the rescue and, with the aid of robins, gave the snowman a new nose.

Little Crofters certainly had plenty of things to remember to do in the play, as ‘The Snowman’s Nose’ had lots of songs to sing with accompanying percussion instruments to play.There were also dance routines and lines to remember. Which is a lot of work and concentration when you are only three years old!

Little Crofters performed their play brilliantly to their parents, grandparents and carers – Little Crofters should be very pleased with themselves.