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Whole School Open Morning, Saturday 12 May, 10am - 12 noon

The Secrets of Storytelling

The pupils in Class 1H have been creating their own stories. They have studied traditional tales from significant authors and stories from around the globe; but what makes a good story? The 1H children have the answers:

  •  I like pictures that go with the words – Ollie
  •  I like it when they are really really exciting – Isabella
  •  I like stories that are educational – Sonny
  •  Stories are great for improving everyone’s imagination – Bella
  •  I think stories should have happy endings – Ruby
  •  I like being told stories because it is relaxing – Christopher
  •  I think stories should be exciting and action packed – Henry
  •  Pictures are good because they help me to imagine the story – Charlie                  
  •  I like stories that are calm and happy – Isla
  •  Listening to stories helps me with my writing – Barnaby
  •  I like stories that have magical creatures in them – Amelia
  •  Stories should teach us a lesson – Tobias
  •  I like books with chapters because they help me remember where I have reached – Arthur
  •  I like having stories being read to me and I like the bright pictures - Naomi