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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

The Making of Robin Hood

Amazingly, auditions for Robin Hood were held months ago before Christmas. The actual performance seemed remote and a long way off then and really we were all focused on what we were going to get for Christmas! Miss Plowright and Mr Bixley were obviously working hard between Christmas and Easter, because a week before the Easter holidays, roles were allocated and a wonderful script appeared for us to learn. It seemed very long at first and it was hard to imagine that we’d all be able to learn and perform it. Fast forward a few weeks and we were all ready to start our show fortnight: designing and making the scenery; practising our lines; rehearsing scenes; trying on costumes and generally doing everything required to produce a show.

As the show fortnight progressed, it became clear that if this show was going to be a success, we had to work together as a team. No one person could pull this off alone. The Art Room was a hive of activity, pretty much everyone contributed to making the scenery and backdrop to go on stage. Meanwhile, in the Theatre, Mr Bixley and Miss Plowright were desperately coaching the art of stage combat – this was a physically painful experience for a few of us in the early stages! Mr Henderson, our awesome Head of Maintenance, produced the most incredible drawbridge. In the Design and Technology Room, Mrs Hopkins’ sewing machine whirred and produced over 50 costumes to bring Robin Hood’s greenwood to life. Lines were learnt, songs were sung and scenes were rehearsed all day, every day for almost two weeks.

It all sounds like great fun doesn’t it? Actually, it was really hard work. Several of us went home exhausted every day. I began to see that life as an actor isn’t all fun and games (you were right, Mr Bixley!). The Year 6 teachers won’t be surprised to learn that our teamwork wasn’t the best in the early days. We argued a bit, made up, argued a bit more and finally all pulled together as a team.

The actual performances were brilliant. We were all nervous before we went on stage, but on the night(s), it all went incredibly well. There were a couple of small mistakes, but nobody in the audience seemed to notice. Afterwards, we all felt on top of the world and couldn’t quite believe we’d done it!

By Emma H