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The Grumpy Sheep

Reception children really enjoyed performing ‘The Grumpy Sheep’, a tale which touches on the traditional nativity from a sheep’s point of view!

The sheep were too grumpy to travel to Bethlehem and needed to be encouraged by a host of angels to go and visit the Baby Jesus.  The angels performed a graceful dance taught to them by their angel ballet teachers!  On their journey, the grumpy sheep met the three wise men carrying gifts for Jesus.  Eventually the grumpy sheep made it to Bethlehem and visited Mary, Joseph and Jesus and became very happy sheep.

Reception children did a fantastic job performing ‘The Grumpy Sheep’, remembering all their lines, the words to five songs and moving around in wonderful, but tricky, costumes; all this, in front of a full admiring audience of parents and grandparents!   Well done Reception!