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The Diversity of Geography

This week, Year 3 have been looking at and comparing villages and towns and have enjoyed designing their own ideal villages. Mr Crocombe notes that the inclusion of pet shops has been particularly popular in 3C!

At present, Year 4 are immersed in their individual Asian topics and spend a very productive and upbeat hour a week in the ICT room researching details about their chosen regions.

Samuel L reports: "I'm really enjoying working on this, discovering what Bhutan is really like!" This week, Amy B discovered that the Malaysian stamp is decorated with a beautiful lotus flower. She says, "I also learnt that the Malaysian flag has a 14 pointed star along with 14 stripes. These represent the 14 states."

This term, Year 5 are discovering why our planet is "restless", and what effect this has on humans. Who would have known that an Oreo could be used to demonstrate various ways our tectonic plates can shift?

Alex S simulated a divergent plate boundary to 5CD and subduction and transformation movements were also given the cookie treatment!

Feelings are running high in Year 6 as the topic, Energy in the 21st Century, is explored.

Annouska G exclaimed "wow" when discovering her Croft tie was derived from oil. Eleanor R reflects: "I've been amazed to learn how much we all depend on non-renewable fuels – the world's got a major problem on its hands." Ollie L commented: "I didn't realise that some experts think that world oil supplies will run out in about 50 years!" Plenty of food for thought for us all... Next week, Year 6 will begin exploring what hope renewable energy sources offer us and our amazing planet.