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The Croft School Orchestral Afternoon 2017

On 11th March more than 150 musicians gathered for an afternoon of amazing music with flutes, oboes, cellos, clarinets, alto saxophones, trombones, violins, violas, trumpets, a harp and lots of percussionists!

Firstly we split into three groups: strings, wind and brass.  At the concert, the strings performed first with three songs from ‘Going for Gold’.  Starting off was ‘We are the Champions’ then ‘Ping Pong’ which was fast paced with the notes being the ball and the ball being knocked around like a ping pong ball. Then finally ‘Skating’ which was a slow, gentle waltz.  All of these pieces were chosen and conducted by Mrs Crane.  The Wind Band was up next and performed two pieces, including ‘Banana Boogie’. This was composed by one of Mr Shortman’s friends and he conducted it with a banana!

The whole orchestra joined together to perform Handel’s Water Music (which was very hard).  It had changing time signatures which made it even more confusing. We also played Tchaikovsky’s ‘Russian Dance’ which was fast at the beginning and then got even faster at the end!  A lot of people had to play off the beat which is harder than you think.

However, the best piece of the afternoon was the 1st movement of Elgar’s Cello Concerto with the soloist being an astonishing musician called George Wilkes who used to come to The Croft School. The Elgar was my favourite because of George’s beautiful cello playing.  When I am older I would like to be as good as George.

It was a fantastic experience and I hope to be invited next year because I am sure that it will be as good as this year!

George F 6RM