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The Bonfire Cake Competition

Everyone loves the taste of chocolate, yet it was the smell that pervaded the Theatre Foyer on the day of the Bonfire Cake Decorating Competition. This competition gave us the opportunity to use our senses. Firstly, we used smell to think up new adjectives to describe chocolate; Jessica G said it smelt ‘minty’, while Jenny R thought ‘peachy’. Evelyn S’s chocolate and orange cupcakes smelt so good they received a ‘Wooooow’ from Theo M, Ollie R and Tom S! Isobel L-B has invented a delicious recipe for a cake for anyone who has nut allergies; the ingredients include dairy-free butter, flour, sugar, and strawberry flavoured sweets with orange and pink icing. Mrs Collins can testify to how delicious they were! And, of course, looking at the cakes is a real treat. The matchsticks that were turned onto branches on Bethan H’s cake appealed to Rohan J and Maximilian K. Henry R liked Poppy W’s buried jelly beans with a sugary strawberry ‘soil’. I hope everyone employed their taste buds to celebrate the work of our creative chefs!


Congratulations to the winners: Overall winner, Meg N. Clockwise: St Andrew’s winner, Grace and Georgia K; St Patrick’s winner, Arabella H; St George’s winner, Theo M; St David’s winner, Rory F. Well done, to all our bakers!