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Stratford on Avon Music Festival Workshop Report

On Friday 17 October, as part of the Stratford on Avon Music Festival, a Tudor Band called 'Sirinu' came to The Croft School to do a special workshop.

The Wind Band, Country Dancers, Recorder and Percussion Ensembles had great fun playing, singing and dancing with them. Mr Shortman had invited children from lots of other schools to come and join in the fun. In total we had more than a hundred children taking part! Some children who had been in Year 6 last year came, so there were lots of children, old and new. We rehearsed three pieces with members of 'Sirinu' – 'Washerwoman's Bransle' first, then 'Monsieur's Almain', and finally 'Light O' Love'. The last piece was also a song, so we had to sing whenever we weren't playing!

At 4 o'clock our parents and friends arrived for a performance of these pieces. To open the show, three of the performers played a fanfare on medieval trumpets. They didn't know about this until an hour before it was performed, so they did extremely well! 'Sirinu' also played and sang some pieces from their Family Concert 'Drake's Progress' which they had performed the previous weekend at The Croft School. There were lots of unusual instruments like the Hurdy-Gurdy, Lute, Pipe and Tabor.

Thank you to 'Sirinu' for coming to work with us, Mr Shortman for organising the afternoon, Mrs Collins for leading the dancers, and the music teachers for joining in too.

Charlotte S