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South Warwickshire Indoor Rowing Competition

Mrs Leesa Brennan, Head of Girls’ Games & PE, writes: The Croft entered a Year 6 girls’ and boys’ team into the South Warwickshire Indoor Rowing championships. With 18 schools competing over three heats, competition was fierce and the atmosphere electric. Pupils each had to complete a 90 second sprint and then two team relay events. In both relay events pupils not only had to complete minute-long legs, but also contend with up to eight positional changes in each relay. Good team work was essential and both teams rose to the challenge.

The boys' team, consisting of Freddie K, Thomas H, Thomas B and Devon P, rowed a total of 3279m, making them both 2nd place in the heat and 2nd in the South Warwickshire competition. The girls' team, consisting of Holly H, Lottie L, Bethan F and Alice P, rowed a total of 3059m, putting them in 2nd place at Monday's event, and in 3rd place in South Warwickshire. Well done to everybody involved!