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Soldier On

Pupils in Prep received a wonderful surprise in their assembly on Tuesday morning. Local songwriter, Chris Onslow, introduced his stunning and emotive new single 'Soldier On', featuring Andrew James with the Big Secret Band.

The single was released on Sunday 9 February to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Private Conrad Lewis's premature death at the age of twenty three. Conrad Lewis was a paratrooper and died whilst serving for his country in Afghanistan.

Conrad's father, Tony Lewis, joined the assembly and told the children that when Conrad was serving, he befriended a stray dog. He named the dog Pegasus in honour of the Parachute Regiment's emblem and fed her from his rations. When he was shot by a Taliban sniper while on a patrol in February 2011, his family was determined to respect his wish to bring the dog home. Peg now lives with the Lewis family in Warwickshire.

Chris Onslow, a family friend of the Lewis's, who wrote the words to Soldier On, explained the thought-provoking lyrics of the song to the pupils — that although someone may have passed away, they will always be with you in your heart.

Soldier On needs 7500 downloads to make The Top 40 on February 15 2014. This would raise much needed funds for 353, a charitable Trust set up by Conrad's family which aims to help members of the military.

Pupil and teachers at The Croft are extremely grateful to Chris Onslow, Tony Lewis and Andrew James for taking the time to visit, and wish Soldier On every success in the Top 40.

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