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Santa's Setbacks

Year 1’s performance was a treat for all those who were lucky enough to see ‘Santa’s Setbacks’

Pupils told the tale of how everything seems to be going wrong for Santa. His sleigh was broken, Rudolf had a cold, a blizzard was blowing and then he spilt tea all over himself. Would Santa and his team be able to deliver Christmas presents?

Pupils worked very hard remembering the words and dance movements to an impressive seven songs, including a song with the wise advice ‘When you are feeling worried, have a cup of tea’. The children looked fantastic in their colourful costumes and it was lovely to hear them use their big stage voices with increased confidence, delivering some tricky lines.

Just as it seemed that the Christmas preparations couldn’t get much worse, they started to get better. Elves repaired the sleigh, Mrs Santa cleaned and dried Santa’s Suit, the storm stopped and Rudolf started to feel better. To celebrate the lucky turn of events, pupils sang ‘Sing Merrily’.

Well done Year1!