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This Saturday’s cross country meet at Charlecote Park has been cancelled, due to the strong winds.

Salvete Omnes

In Year 6 our pupils have the exciting opportunity to learn Latin. It is taught by Mrs Lisa Chowne and Mr Sam Thornton. This engaging course explores Roman History and Greek Mythology alongside Latin vocabulary and pronunciation.

"I enjoy Latin in Year 6 because we learn about all the Latin words which have influenced our English words." James W.

Barbara Bell, the author of Minimus, visited The Croft several years ago and her writing continues to inspire our pupils today.

"It is interesting finding out about Roman History and meeting Flavius, Lepidina, Iulius, Flavia, Rufus and Minimus (the mouse) who lived at Vindolanda fort." Isha S.

Last term, History came alive as the pupils were introduced to the famous Vindolanda tablet, now displayed in the British Museum. It is a birthday invitation sent to Lepidina at Vindolanda. In response, our pupils made their own birthday cards using Latin text and wonderful artwork.

Many of our Year 6 pupils also attend Club Minimus. Here they have more Latin fun through craft activities. This term they will be cooking and eating a Roman recipe!

"I get excited by Year 6 Latin because you know that when you go to secondary school you have a head start. It is very enjoyable and I love it!" Grace H.

At The Croft School, our Year 6 pupils all agree that Minimus is "the mouse that made Latin cool!" Valete!