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Robin Bobbin

With stormy costumes and hurricane sound effects, the North Wind swept onto the stage creating a dramatic entrance for the Year 2 Christmas play.  The children were performing the tale of ‘Robin Bobbin’ – how Robin Bobbin had to be brave in order to save his family.

Mr and Mrs Bobbin had had a big brood of baby robins this year and they certainly took a lot of feeding!  Unfortunately, the Bobbin’s nest was in a tree which had been condemned and would need to be chopped down.  Flight training had already started for the brood so that they could reach their new nest before the North Wind arrived.

The Bobbins got all their chicks safely to their new nest when they realised that a chick had been accidentally left behind and that Mr Bobbin would have to find great courage to brave the North Wind to rescue the scared chick.

With the help of a ‘dog that thinks it is a cat’, Scarecrow Jack and some wonderful audience participation that cheered ‘Robin be brave’ - our tiny hero succeeds and returns to the nest to rescue the chick.

Year 2 children worked very hard to perform ‘Robin Bobbin’ to such an accomplished standard, as the storyline required demanding acting skills and movement.  The children really did deliver a knockout performance!