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Reception Harvest Soup

On Friday, the Reception children came to school very was Harvest Soup Day! During the morning, each child helped chop up the different vegetables that they had brought in from home. They used the knives carefully to cut the carrots, parsnips, celery, potatoes and onions into tiny pieces. The vegetables were cooked and made into soup ready for their visitors in the afternoon. The children were so eager to see their parents share the soup and to look around their classrooms. The atmosphere was very happy and both parents and children had a memorable time.

Orla "I liked chopping the potato."

Archie "The parsnip was hard to chop."

Edward "I loved the soup. It was so yummy!"

Laurie "I sipped the soup but I didn't get to the bottom."

Jessica "I liked chopping."

Daisy "Mummy enjoyed my soup."

Louis "It was great!"