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Reach for the Sky!

This term, both Year 2 and Year 5 have been looking at the wonders of the Solar System and the stars. This is a topic that really fascinates children - and their teachers! - as they try to comprehend the enormous distances and sizes involved. They bubble over with questions ranging from how other planets are different to this one, to what life is like on the International Space Station. There are plenty of opportunities for "wow" moments as they realise that the Sun, which we think of as enormous, is actually small and insignificant compared to some of the giant stars out there.

As a finale to the topic, Year 2 children were able to enjoy looking at the models Year 5 pupils made, which were on display in the Theatre last week. Year 5 had been given the brief "show me a planet", but were not given any restrictions on how they could do this, so they could do it in any way they wished, allowing their own creativity to guide them. What creativity they showed! There were planets and solar systems made of papier mâché, cake and Lego. Some were knitted and some were painted. There were solar systems hanging in a black box against a glittering background of fairylight stars, and planets whose moons orbited them at the touch of a button. Children who preferred to show off their computer skills were able to research and present their findings using slideshows and even Minecraft. The sheer variety of ideas that the children came up with was wonderful – I know many of the children in the school were taken by their teachers to see the display, and I very much hope that plenty of parents were able to find an opportunity to visit also – it really showed the children at their best.