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Project Jam Sandwich Review

Stratford on Avon Music Festival @ The Croft School

On Sunday 11 October, Project Jam Sandwich (a band of four talented musicians) played a world folk fusion concert at The Croft School. This band has recently performed this summer at the BBC Proms. I loved this concert and heard some great folk music. My favourite piece was the one where one of the boys from the audience had a drum battle, playing salsa with the band. It was really funny to see him playing. I felt a bit embarrassed when I was dancing madly in front of the audience... but I secretly loved it! These musicians were great to watch because they got lots of people involved. I loved this performance and hope for another one! - Alex F

Everyone had an invigorating time with Project Jam Sandwich at The Croft. They are a string and percussion group but their music is far from traditional – we heard music from around the world with lots of whistling, singing, rhythms and beats.  At one point they played a game of virtual tennis, volleying between the violin strings' sound and the cello strings' sound. They also had three children playing the James Bond theme music all on one violin at the same time, accompanied by a toddler keeping beat on the cajon (a drum box) - Sam Smith would have been impressed! There was plenty of audience participation, with a finale of percussion instruments and children freestyle dancing at the front. Great music, great beats, great fun! - George P