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Pre-Prep Sports Day Fun

Pupils in Pre-Prep were extremely happy and excited to finally compete in their previously postponed Sports Day.

There were new races to try; Pre-Reception loved their ‘going to the park’ race, where pupils had to put on a hat, place a doll in a pushchair, pick up a bag and race across the finish line!

Reception children brought a splash of colour with their ‘ready, steady, cook’ race, and Year 1 displayed amazing speed and dexterity as they went ‘through the hoops’.  Year 2’s race brought a return to the 1930s for a more traditional ‘dribble and skip’ race - a race which had featured in The Croft’s very first Sports Day in 1933!

Fun was had by all the pupils and Staff, and it was delightful to see great sportsmanship being demonstrated.